Playing with Fire II

THE WAIT IS OVER!!!!! The long anticipated sequel to Playing with Fire is officially here! I’m so proud of myself for getting this done and being able to bring this to light for you all! Playing with Fire II is now available to purchase on Amazon! 🔥🖤 I hope you all enjoy!

Sulwe : A Book with a Message for All Ages

I had long anticipated buying this book for my daughter, but I had no idea that the message would resonate with me as an adult as well. Lupita Nyongo’s book, Sulwe is a heartwarming tale that teaches a powerful lesson about loving yourself and allowing the beauty within you to shine through. The story, whichContinue reading “Sulwe : A Book with a Message for All Ages”

Sneak Peek Alert: Playing with Fire II

Just a little sneak peek at the first two chapters of Playing with Fire II. INTRO Two years later…. So, I’m sure you all have been wondering what has been going on with me. Well, I must say, it’s been rough as hell. I was surprised that after everything that happened, Trey stayed with LiyahContinue reading “Sneak Peek Alert: Playing with Fire II”

New Release Alert: How it Really Went Down

This week there is a double feature special release!!! Click HERE to purchase my second novel and second installment of the Playing with Fire series, How it Really Went Down.

Finish Line Approaching..Bear With Me.

I’m coming up on the final stretch of getting Playing with Fire out to the world.  There are just a few more things on my list, and I will be complete! I have already set up an online store link for signed copies of my book to be purchased, I have invited people to like my authorContinue reading “Finish Line Approaching..Bear With Me.”

Blast from the past

So, I’m starting to type all of my old poems and save them on my jump drive so that I don’t lose the papers or they don’t start to fade. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, because I started writing and really keeping my poems together around 9th grade, so I will say aroundContinue reading “Blast from the past”

#WhitWritesHerNovel:The Wait

So, I’m waiting on one more reader to finish editing before I go make corrections and do one more read. It’s getting so close and it’s crazy. I still can’t believe I wrote a novel!! In the meantime, I need to figure out some illustrations for the cover, make my biography, synopsis of the book,Continue reading “#WhitWritesHerNovel:The Wait”


So, I’m 6 chapters away from completing my edit on my novel. So far, I think I did a prettt damn good job for my first novel. Im truly proud of myself for getting this far and not giving up. Nerves are creeping in though, and doubt is trying to rear it’s ugly head.

#WhitWritesHerNovel: Rewrite Time!

I have finally finished scene charting, which took the entire month of March (between my job, my wife duties and my mommy duties), but I anticipated it taking that long.  Now, I am back in the rewriting chair, editing and adding different scenes in.  After reading through so far, I haven’t had to change muchContinue reading “#WhitWritesHerNovel: Rewrite Time!”

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