Self-Care Sunday: Discovering a New Hobby

Welcome back to another self-care Sunday post!! Today’s post we will highlight finding yourself a new hobby and how that can promote self care!

How often do we find ourselves consumed with adult responsibilities, and practically nothing for pleasure? I know for me, I have found myself overwhelmed at times with the struggles of adulting, and not finding time for myself and doing fun things. This year, I promised myself that I would find at least one thing that brings me joy to do this year (since writing and blogging are something I take a little more seriously than a hobby).

A good number of us already have something that we enjoy spending time doing; but sometimes, bringing the spark back to self-care helps when you have a new hobby you want to try. Whenever I’m looking into a new hobby, it definitely is something that will be calming and relaxing for me to do. Even if it is a high intensity sport or activity, I still feel that there is a level of peace to those things, which is something I look for when using hobbies as self-care.

Here are about 10 of the most interesting hobbies (in my opinion) you can start in 2020!

New hobbies to try in 2020:

  • Bullet journaling
  • Photography
  • Hand lettering
  • Practicing yoga
  • Trying out a new sport
  • Painting
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, camping)
  • Traveling/taking short trips (either alone or with friends)
  • Gardening
  • Leisure reading

These are just 10; however, there are hundreds of things that you can try as a new hobby this year. I urge you to think of 2 hobbies (from this list or others) and give yourself something new to try this year. Who knows? It could turn into a lifelong passion.