Playing with Fire: On Sale NOW 

Advertisements Are you willing to play with fire? Chante Wright has it all; a beautiful family, a great job, and wonderful friends and family. her only weakness, is not being satisfied. Even though everything in Chante’s life is glitter and gold, there still seems to be something missing. As life and parenthood begin, the fireContinue reading “Playing with Fire: On Sale NOW “

Friday Night Wine: Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Advertisements Since last month’s wine choice was a red wine (which is my favorite, if anyone ever asks you that trivia question), this past Friday, I chose a white wine.  I decided to step outside of my usual white wine box and go with a Riesling, since it is not one that I usually would pickContinue reading “Friday Night Wine: Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling”

Summer 16: Bucket List

Advertisements Since summer is finally upon us (officially according to my calendar), I am creating a summer bucket list.  I am going to live life this summer, despite the previous summers where all I do is work and don’t enjoy life.  So, here goes. Hit a water park, or 2. Go to the beach, severalContinue reading “Summer 16: Bucket List”

I’ll Be Back Soon :-) 


In a Rut 

Advertisements I hate my poetry rut…. The one where I can’t quite find the right words or make the right phrases flow like poetic gospel. UGH!  Hopefully I’ll be out of this rut soon. I would really like to perform something at the next open mic night, but if I don’t have anything that’s worthContinue reading “In a Rut “


Advertisements I will be changing my blog site address. It is now

A Bad Day at Work…

Advertisements I usually gripe about bad days at work, but truthfully, they are nothing more than days where I actually WORK all day long, and don’t really have a moment to breathe.  Those days truly aren’t that bad, because I’m usually creating solutions to problems that arise, and in the end, although it takes aContinue reading “A Bad Day at Work…”

Pray for this World

Advertisements I have noticed that there are a lot of things going on in the world today. Not to mention, many people are trying hard to make people feel insignificant in what they support and don’t support.  If you support one thing, you are no longer supporting something else and if you are standing forContinue reading “Pray for this World”

Day 4: Imperfect

Advertisements I may not have the cutest face,  Or waltz around as if I have extraordinary poise and grace,  But through all my flaws,  You see me; and all  in all,  That’s all the matters in the first place.