How to Become an Effective Leader of a Team

At some point in our lives, I think a lot of us want to be leaders. When the time comes, and we are presented with the opportunity, we jump at it with open arms. One thing I have learned in being in a leadership position is, just because you want to lead, doesn’t mean you necessarily know how.

I have been in a supervisory role in my line of work (social work) since 2015. It has had some truly rewarding moments, and also some not-so-rewarding moments, but I continue to stay in the field and in my role because I learn something new almost every day.

Throughout my years of leadership, I have had new things introduced to me on a regular basis; however, some of the core pieces of leadership have always stood true in any situation or position I have been in. Below are a few tips I believe are what make an effective leader.

Tips on Effective Leadership

  • Flexibility: being able to adjust and be available for your team or workers.
  • Compassion and Empathy: I think being a leader also means showing empathy and showing that you can be compassionate with your subordinates. I stand by the fact that I can be understanding of people having a personal life outside of work. In the field I am in, it is important to have a healthy work/life balance, and I try to promote that.
  • Learn to delegate: When I first became a supervisor, I found it difficult to not take on every task that was put in front of me.
  • Provide Feedback: workers love feedback. Despite what you may think, most people are frustrated with their job because of the lack of feedback (good or bad). Workers really do pride themselves on their work
  • Give Rewards and Maintain Accountability for Consequences: One thing that I have learned to remain consistent on, is providing rewarding words of encouragement of tangible rewards to staff who are exceeding expectations. On the flip side of that, it is also important to keep workers accountable for what they have not performed well on. If you do not hold a worker accountable, then they will assume the behavior is acceptable, and that is not the message you want to send to a worker or a team.

These are the best tips I can give about effective leadership and also ones that I commit to on a daily basis. They have definitely helped my team become more of a unit, respect me and also promote positive energy throughout my team.

If you have anymore good tips, drop them in the comments!!


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  1. iwauthor says:

    This is a great post. Empathy is really important in working with people. Also the ability to provide feedback properly.

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  2. jeffsparington says:

    Awesome post. Your tips are great especially the delegate and being consistent with how you reward or shun a worker’s behavior.
    Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aneshiacbundy says:

    Great advice…feedback in some form is so important and plays a major role in all areas of our life!

    Liked by 1 person

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