Pieces of Beauty.

Advertisements Just a few of my favorite nature shots. Lately I’ve been trying to take the time to enjoy certain moments. Sunsets, flowers, water; they all are very calming and evoke a level of stillness inside my spirit. I’m trying really hard to listen to those things more. Enjoy . : Whit C.

Self-Care Sunday: Discovering a New Hobby

Advertisements Welcome back to another self-care Sunday post!! Today’s post we will highlight finding yourself a new hobby and how that can promote self care! How often do we find ourselves consumed with adult responsibilities, and practically nothing for pleasure? I know for me, I have found myself overwhelmed at times with the struggles ofContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Discovering a New Hobby”

Don’t Get Stuck Indoors

Advertisements Usually, when I workout, i do minimum 30 minutes cardio a day.  Sometimes i break it up (15 before, workout, 15 after) or i knock it all out before or after.  I try to make it a requirement for each gym session, but lately, I have gotten a little lax.  I do my cardioContinue reading “Don’t Get Stuck Indoors”