Self-Care Sunday: Managing the Stress Levels

Here’s something that I know we all can agree we’ve dealt with at least on a daily basis in one way or another: STRESS. I honestly couldn’t have written this post at a more critical time in my life, because my stress levels have been higher than usual lately.  Whether it be from everyday life circumstances, job-related stress, personal family issues, friends, significant others, etc.; stress is all around and it creeps its way into the things we tend to hold near and dear to us.

The idea behind stress is making sure that you are not allowing it to overwhelm you and effect your mind, body and spirit.  Putting measures in place to manage your stress will allow you to get a handle on it and not allow stress to run your life, because it has the ability to effect us mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Here are a few ways I looked up (and even some I use myself) that are beneficial to managing your stress in a positive way:

  • Spending time with people who make you happy and spread positive vibes
  • Journaling
  • Having a healthy cry
  • Counseling/ speaking with someone
  • Fitness/Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • *my best friend put me on this ;)* Putting a deadline on stress (ex: only giving the issue “x” amount of minutes, hours, days before you no longer let it take up any amount of your time)
  • Meditating

These are just a few things you can do to keep your stress level down when you feel it creeping up on you.  A lot of times, we live and work in high-stress situations daily, and the idea of getting stressed out has become second nature, but it doesn’t have to! By adapting a small 5-10 minute routine that you can do even when you notice things are beginning to feel overwhelming can help manage the level of stress you put on yourself.

This week, try adapting one or two of these suggestions, or let me know a few of your techniques that you use to manage your stress.  Let’s all work together and help each other keep stay mentally and emotionally healthy!