REPOST: Mental Health Matters 


Just wanted to share this with someone who may be listening.

Everyday, something traumatic is happening in the world. Whether it be in our careers, our personal lives, in society; there is always something that is captured in social media, in the news or right in front of you that jarrs your emotions and sends you into a spiral. Everyone has a trigger. In my job (social work) I deal in traumatic situations daily. I deal with issues that can break a family apart, break them down, or completely destroy them; and sometimes, I am relied upon heavily to help people put the pieces back together.  I’m sure on more than one occasion, there are many of us who have felt this same way. It is a grave task, and sometimes just too much to bear.

I say this to say, that 2016 overall has been a tough year for everyone.  Something or something has possibly  taken you to a dark or sad place, or you have been so mixed in your emotions that you don’t know what to do.  I know that I have felt this on more than one occasion this year.

It is important and so crucial to keep your mental health in tact.  We strive everyday to be physically fit or spiritually filled, yet we do not take into account how negative things corrupt our mental health, and we don’t take the time out to make  sure our emotions and our mental health are stable.  You have to keep yourself well, because if  not, you cannot be the person YOU want to be for yourself and others.

2016 was a year that I tried to maintain my focus on self-care.  I did things that I normally wouldn’t have done, in an effort to put my emotions and mental health first, and so far, I am a better person for it, and it will  continue to be a critical part of my lifestyle changes.

I urge anyone and everyone to take the time out to put your mental health at the forefront of your well-being.  Your body will fall in line and thank you for it. 🙂


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