Friday Night’s Wine: Diseño Malbec

For this week, I decided to try a Malbec, which I actually have never had before (shocking even for me!).  This wine is a 2014 old vine Malbec, based in Mendoza, Argentina.  For my first time trying a Malbec, I made a pretty good choice.

I actually drank this wine on two different days this week; Thursday and Friday.  I didn’t pair it with anything in particular, except #TGIT (shoutout to my fellow Shondaland fam) and a FaceTime date with my best friend, but if I was eating dinner with this wine, it would be with either chicken or beef.

You can immediately taste the boldness of the berry flavors (blueberry, cherry) in this wine.  There is also a slight hint of spices in this wine, but certainly not overpowering.  It wasn’t very heavy either; it felt kind of light and smooth on the palette, and didn’t leave me with an overwhelming feeling about the dryness (although I’m partial to a dryer wine than some).

Overall, it was a great tasting wine; and I am glad that it was the one I chose to try for my first Malbec!  It’s one I will be buying again and adding to my personal wine list :).


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  1. Malbecs are fantastic. Glad you enjoyed it!

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    1. Whitney C. says:

      Thanks! And it definitely was a great wine. Can’t believe I’ve let it slip past me this long!! Lol


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