About two years ago, my best friend showed me a video, that showed you the difference between being […]


Just wanted to share this with someone who may be listening.

Everyday, something traumatic is happening in the world. Whether it be in our careers, our personal lives, in society; there is always something that is captured in social media, in the news or right in front of you that jarrs your emotions and sends you into a spiral. Everyone has a trigger. In my job (social work) I deal in traumatic situations daily. I deal with issues that can break a family apart, break them down, or completely destroy them; and sometimes, I am relied upon heavily to help people put the pieces back together.  I’m sure on more than one occasion, there are many of us who have felt this same way. It is a grave task, and sometimes just too much to bear.

Recently, I had a sort of epiphany about life, and I feel like it’s going to change my quality of life in an amazing way.  I have come to realize that it is ok to tell someone you are unhappy; because happiness isn’t constant.  Once I adopted that mantra into my daily living, I have been so much more comfortable in my emotional well-being.  Knowing that I can accept the fact that I will always not have to be happy, and no one is REQUIRING me to do so, makes life so much easier.

I used to fight with myself on why I wasn’t happy everyday, and how I should and need to be because of all the good things happening in my life. Well, in my #BoutToBe30’s, I realize that I do not and will not be happy with my life all the time, and on some level, that’s cool. Walk with me while I explain:

I saw a quote this quote today and it sparked some interesting thought on my part:

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote really hit me in a way that allowed me to reflect on the last year and some of the personal aspects of my life I have decided to let go.  One of them being parts of my family.