Hello August…3 Ways to Make this Month Better Than the Last

Hello August!! Good to see you!

Needless to say, I haven’t been in the best of moods, and it’s been very difficult maintaining my optimistic and positive attitude.  Oddly enough, I felt motivated to try to think of 3 ways to make this month better than the last month that I had (because if you read this post, you will see that the end of my month was a bit of a struggle).  So, here are the 3 ways I plan on making August better than July.

Focus on positives, not the negatives: Most times, I dwell on all the bad things that happen in my day, and don’t give enough praise to the things that go well in the day.  This month, I plan on trying to focus on only the good things that happen, instead of focusing all my energy into the bad things.

Meditate  – Have you ever just lay in bed and looked up at the ceiling and just took the time to relax your mind and body from the day you have had?  Feels pretty good right?  I know, which is why I’m incorporating it into my life once and for all.

Chill out with all that stressin’: Pretty self-explanatory….I stress too much, and for the sake of my well-being, I need to stop it.  I didn’t realize how easy it was to get completed stressed out over something that really is so trivial in retrospect. So, I feel that if I conquer #1 and #2, #3 will come with ease.


All in all, my plan isn’t really complex; just a few simple things that I realized that I need to change in order to feel better all around.  I just need to get my life all the way together, lol.  So here’s to a positive, stress-free August.

Anyone plan on doing anything different to make their month a better one?  Let me know!