Summer 16: Bucket List

Since summer is finally upon us (officially according to my calendar), I am creating a summer bucket list.  I am going to live life this summer, despite the previous summers where all I do is work and don’t enjoy life.  So, here goes.

  • Hit a water park, or 2.
  • Go to the beach, several times (I mean I live an hour from like 5 beaches…no excuses)
  • Let these locs flourish (as always).
  • See my lovely best friend at minimum once each month (because she is important and ya’ll will respect that).
  • Get this fitness in (because I need abs for the bathing suit I plan to buy).
  • Write more
  • Put the damn phone down (except when I’m listening to my favorite podcasts or music).
  • Read at least 3 books
  • Find a concert or festival to hit up.
  • Have kickbacks and go to a day party.
  • Get genuinely LIT. 🙂

I think this is good enough for now.  Please believe that it will expand.