Mothers Don’t Want (or Need) to be Fathers on Father’s Day


So, I know a few single mothers, and they have made it very clear that they do not want to be recognized on Father’s Day as fathers. Why? Simply because they are not fathers, silly.

I have seen many a rant and rave about how they are a mother and a father and they deserve praise on both holidays, and I’ll admit that as a child and years ago, I praised my mother and other single mothers on Father’s Day; however, my mother never really asked for it.  My mother knew who she was and that was a single mom raising her children. I never recall hearing her demand recognition on Father’s Day.

So here I sit, watching women demanding a title that they truthfully and logically don’t have, and simply because of gender and the reproduction process. Your children have fathers; there was a man in your life who you now have a child with (because who else would you have laid up with to get them?) despite the circumstance, situation or any of the like. Reproduction says sperm and egg make a baby, and by that mere logic, mothers and fathers exist.

Let’s just all remember that although some single mothers will tell you thank you and appreciate your way of recognizing their strength and diligent efforts to be an awesome single parent (for whatever reason that may be), they are still mothers. If you don’t want to tell the father happy Father’s Day, then just don’t; but still remember that the child has a father, and it’s not his mother.