Venting about the Good Things, Too.

As much as I love writing, I rarely take the time out to really write down my own personal thoughts.  I get so wrapped up in characters or situations that I want to write about, that I never go back and really take a moment to express how I’m feeling.  Normally, I would only journal about things that made me unhappy, sad, or I would write about whatever emotions I was feeling at that time. I was talking to my best friend about this, and realized that a lot of times, we as people only want to talk about the bad things that are going on, but do we ever really “vent” about the good things?

I’ve always believed that writing is a form of therapy.  When you are writing in a journal, it’s almost the best way to vent.  The notebook isn’t going to pass judgement, it’s not going to render an opinion; it will let you unleash everything you have, take any verbal (or in this case written) abuse you have for it, and not utter a single word.  I love having the people in my life that I do, but sometimes I need about 10-15 minutes to cut loose and say whatever it is I need to say, without any reaction, interruption or word edgewise.

I promised myself that I would take more time out to reflect and write about positive things as well as when I’m not feeling so chipper.  Most times, I usually have some profound thing I want to write down or something good has happened to me at least once a day; why not take the time to write it out?  Then I can look back on that good moment and remind myself that not everything I vent about has to be upsetting or depressing.

Well, I am probably going to start this today, so we shall see how it goes! 🙂