My 2020 Word

Advertisements I’ve seen several posts on Instagram or Twitter asking, “what is your one word for 2020?” I believe this has now taken place of your once dedicated resolutions. People aren’t setting resolutions, they are putting one word into the universe and moving towards living by that word. I decided to try that this year;Continue reading “My 2020 Word”

Venting about the Good Things, Too.

Advertisements As much as I love writing, I rarely take the time out to really write down my own personal thoughts.  I get so wrapped up in characters or situations that I want to write about, that I never go back and really take a moment to express how I’m feeling.  Normally, I would onlyContinue reading “Venting about the Good Things, Too.”

10 Ways I Slow Down Time

Advertisements Sometimes, you need to break away from things, and take time to enjoy a simpler life. One without all the technology, one without all the mind-frizzing activities