International Travels: Welcome to Jamaica, Mon! 

I finally took the one trip I had been dreaming of since I was about 18; I went to Jamaica!  My husband and I spent 4 days there and it was a great experience. If I had the opportunity to go back right now, I wouldn’t hesitate.

We stayed at a beautiful resort in Ocho Rios for one of our close friends’ weddings, and the entire stay was amazing!  We were able to relax, do some fun activities, but mainly sit around and enjoy having no worries for a couple of days.  Everyday I woke up the sun was shining and I had the most beautiful view of the ocean and the city right outside my balcony window. 

One thing I also noticed was the pride that everyone had for their country. Everyone we ran into was very nice and respectable; you could tell that no matter what, they were smiling and happy. You could definitely tell that material possessions that we hold with such high regard here, was not looked at with the same perspective in Jamaica. It’s kind of like what Bob Marley said in a clip I keep on my phone:

I talked to many of the workers at the resort, and so many of them work long days, live far away from their job; yet they get up every morning, come to work and have smiles on their faces and are very polite.  It’s like, no matter what life throws at them, they still live by the motto “No Worries, Mon!” :)…it makes me look at life differently, because I stress over so many things, when really, are they really worth stressing over? Especially seeing a country that is not as rich as mine, but yet they still are happier than most Americans I know (makes you put your “first world problems” into perspective when you meet someone who lives in a place with no running water or electricity, huh?).

One thing I wanted to do and got the chance to do while in Jamaica was go on a tour to see where Bob Marley lived, and also where he is buried.  While on this tour, I learned so much about the culture, the Rastafarian movement, Bob Marley himself and how in the time he was on this earth, he made such an impact not only on his country, but on the entire world.  It was definitely worth it and I learned so much that I plan on expanding on in my spare time.  Highly recommend the tour to anyone traveling to Jamaica.

From the food, music, laughter, happiness and much more, I would say that my trip to Jamaica is possibly one of the top 3 trips I have taken in my life. Would I go back?  In a HEARTBEAT! Shoot, I almost didn’t want to leave! 🙂


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