My Child Amazes Me!

Sometimes, I can’t help but be in complete awe of my child.  She truly is an amazing little toddler!

She’s will be 2 in April and it seems that everyday, I see her do something new!  Just today, I watched her as she grabbed a pen and fixed it in her hands so that she can write better.  Just a couple days ago, she counted to 10 and today she (in so many words) counted to at 15!  She’s aware of most of her main body parts, and will repeat pretty much any word you say (so I have now learned to tame my tongue around her LOL).

Sometimes I wonder just how advanced she is for her age.  She is my first, so I am not completely well versed in the levels of child development; however, I do know some things, and I am confident that she is definitely ahead of the curve in some regard.  My husband is an early childhood ed major, so he has enlightened me on several  things as far as development.  I am really proud of her and when I sit back and just watch her do certain things, it makes me happy to see that she is learning things and catches on very quickly (like her mother, lol) and I always am constantly wondering where her dreams and aspirations are and where they will take her.

She can be 10 handfuls at times, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Katrina HJ says:

    It sounds like you’re a great mother!


    1. Whitney C. says:

      Thank you!!! 😁


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