Conquering Negativity

Negativity is a constant and inevitable part of life.  You will encounter negativity at every stage in life, and there is no way to escape it.  Someone will always have something to say or want to criticize you. The key is to learn how to rise above it, because it is not an easy task.

I went to church today for the first time in a couple of months.  Aside from being away at college, it was the longest stint I had gone without going to church.  About 15% of it attributed it to traveling; the fam bam has been on and off the road this summer, visiting family and things like that so for most weekends, we weren’t even here.  The other 85% was due to negative energy, right there in church.

A while back, I got into a ridiculous (or at least to me) conflict with someone, and it basically turned what relationship we did have sour.  This really upset me for 2 reasons 1) we are family, and 2) I was portrayed negatively, and it was a lie. There are a lot of things I can let go of, but to have people question my character and to be lied on by family really hurt me.  Once I found out what this person was capable of, I decided it was best I sever that relationship.  We attend the same church, so it naturally made things a little awkward, being that it is a small church.  Because the conflict was so ridiculous, and now knowing the negative energy this person had, it pushed me away from even occupying the same space as this person; this is how upset I was at the situation.  Overall, it caused me to basically adapt the notion that if they would be there, I’d rather not be in that same space, because their energy is tense and full of negativity.

Many of you may be wondering “why let such a negative person hold so much power?” Well, it’s like I said before, this was family; and to get that type of treatment from family was upsetting for me.  Several people told me to just let it go and not worry about it, but I don’t think anyone truly understood how much I valued my character when the situation happened.  I did not appreciate being lied on, and I feel like it’s unforgivable.  So, it definitely pissed me off, and I held on to that for a long time.  What made me realize that I could overcome it, was the fact that I stopped thinking about it.  Once I stopped thinking about how pissed off I was at that person, and their audacity to try and make me out to be a bad person, I realized that they are truly insignificant in the first place, and they don’t dictate my life.

When I arrived at church today, I will admit that I had mixed emotions about it.  I didn’t know what to expect, how our exchange (if any) would be, etc.  When I left church, I felt amazingly empowered.  I went and focused solely on myself, and told myself that I would not let negativity in my positive space.  I acted as if that person did not even exist to steal any of my positive vibes and it felt great.  I was truly proud of myself.

With negative people and negative environments, you have to remember that only YOU have the power to conquer the negativity someone tries to bring into your life.  No one can take away your positive attitude unless you allow them.  If you allow someone’s energy to overpower yours, allow them to take you out of your character, stoop to their level, etc. then they have ultimately won you over, and they then realize that they have the power to manipulate you.  I will admit that I felt like I was being manipulated, but  I no longer feel that way.  I will allow my positive energy to prevail over those who continue to spread their negativity and try to bring it into my space.

If there is a negative energy trying to invade and manipulate your life, rise above it.  Don’t let it win.  Continue to live your life full of positivity, and conquer whatever negativity life throws your way! 🙂