Don’t Get Stuck Indoors


Usually, when I workout, i do minimum 30 minutes cardio a day.  Sometimes i break it up (15 before, workout, 15 after) or i knock it all out before or after.  I try to make it a requirement for each gym session, but lately, I have gotten a little lax.  I do my cardio on the treadmill, and it’s getting pretty boring these days.
Yesterday, I switched it up a bit.  My husband has moved to outdoor running, instead of staying on the treadmill everytime. I decided to get my butt out of the gym and go to the park for cardio this time. Overall, it was pretty nice to get out into the fresh air and run. It was hot (definitely won’t lie about that), but there was a slight breeze.

My personal analysis of my cardio session outdoors was basically that it was hotter than usual, not as boring, and my outdoor stamina is nothing like that on the treadmill. I will admit I was struggling. The trail seemed like it was going forever and I just wanted to fall out and be carried to the end, lol. After I got done though I felt on top of the world.  I am not a runner by any means, but I hope to get there one day.  I did like the fact that it was something different than just constantly running on a treadmill, and not feeling like you’re going anywhere.

All in all, I’ll probably try to do at least 1-2 of my runs outside and go up from there.  I think once I get smaller and parts of me stop moving uncontrollably, running may feel alot more comfortable, but I’m still getting it done! #GoalToSummertimeFine


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