Words Never Spoken

Everyday I have the same routine. I wake up and make tea and sit near my kitchen window at precisely 6am.

Why? Because I know that at approximately 6:05am, u will be walking by my window as you do every morning.

We exchange glances, bashful stares and petite smiles.

Time stops as our paths cross for that 5 second window. And in that moment, for 5 seconds, we are connected in every fathomable way.

Your eyes light up and tell me how much u care for me. How much your day rests upon seeing me. In our spot.

The twitch in your bottom lip tells me that you have longed for my kiss for far too long, and awaiting the day that we ignite the fire that is that passionate first kiss.

The way I look away from you tells you that your presence makes me nervous, your mesmerizing stare makes me melt.

I circle the rim of my coffee mug, fantasizing that we are laying in bed together, while I circle the outline of your chest hair as you whisper to me how much u desire my mind, body and spirit.

I glance up and you smile at me. The brightest spot amongst the morning haze. I return the gesture, admiring your face and longing for your passion.

All of this, between 6:05:00 and 6:05:05………

And as our 5 second romance expires, I return to my reality. Sitting at my window, now watching your back as you return to your reality as well.

I wonder if there will be a day, a time or a place, when we will finally have the opportunity to express the words never spoken.