One word…

One word that seems so simple

one word where feelings are created in the soul

and manipulate their way to the mental

4 letters, with a complex combination and sequence

I say complex because most people see to think this word is one of the most difficult words to say


If we use words to express our abstract emotions

why is this one word so hard to use?


We use “sad” when we want to cry

Or “pissed” when anger lines approach our foreheads

But when that one person comes along

And steals the very breath you take

Just to exhale their emotions into your environment for you to inhale

Or, touch you in a way that makes your heart convulse and your skin clam up

Because that person gives you a nervous sweat you just can’t shake

Or when that person looks in your eyes


Really looks in your eyes

And you connect with them on a level so deep that when they see the inner working of your soul you close your eyes abruptly b/c that feeling you felt is unfamiliar

Those feelings have the word “love” attached


When you’re so scared of letting “love” fully enter your being

That word seems taboo

Like you’re too good to feel something for another so genuine and authentic

So instead of acting on what’s real/

We go out and attach this word to the feelings that are only temporary

You said you love him cuz you “couldn’t hurt his feelings”

Or you said you loved her cuz it “felt so good”

Now you see?

Now that you’ve abused the word on superficial feelings

When the real thing come along, cat’s got your tongue and now the word is stuck

You see

If you would have been wise in the context of your word choice

You would have been ready to use “love” to describe those feelings that are blessings from God

In the form of what you would now name your soul mate

But now, your meaning of love is skewed and what you need to use it for…….

You wont…….