Food for Thought

Advertisements We say we are in love, when in reality we are just existing in each other’s spaces waiting for the other to detach; when we know, neither one of us is brave enough to admit that love is more than existence. So do we love each other, or do we just exist with each other?


Advertisements One word… One word that seems so simple one word where feelings are created in the soul and manipulate their way to the mental 4 letters, with a complex combination and sequence I say complex because most people see to think this word is one of the most difficult words to say BUT If we use wordsContinue reading “OneWord.”

Words Never Spoken

Advertisements Everyday I have the same routine. I wake up and make tea and sit near my kitchen window at precisely 6am. Why? Because I know that at approximately 6:05am, u will be walking by my window as you do every morning. We exchange glances, bashful stares and petite smiles. Time stops as our paths crossContinue reading “Words Never Spoken”