So, You’re Boyfriend is your Husband, huh?


So, I saw an article on my Facebook that I shared, because I just couldn’t believe what I read, that described a woman who was not getting any attention from her husband.  So, she listened to one of her friends, and made new social network pages, got a new phone and basically got her husband to become friends with her.  Well, long story short, she has been having a relationship with her husband for like 6 months, which basically means he is cheating on her!

Her marriage is slowly getting worse, because the more attention she is getting as his girlfriend, the less she is receiving as his wife.  So she asks the question of should she tell her husband that it’s really her that he’s in a relationship with.

I couldn’t help but ask myself “what the hell?” to this post.  I mean, if she really thought about it, if she put just as much effort into putting that same kind of attention into fixing her marriage, she wouldn’t have had to set up her husband.  I mean, all the naked pics you were sending him as a girlfriend, you could have easily been using those pics to bring the spice back into your sex life in your marriage. Now, I am not letting the husband off the hook completely, because I don’t condone cheating for any reason. He is just as wrong for taking the bait in the first place.  Not to mention, I argue that as long as they have been married, he should know what his wife’s body parts look like (this could also show just how out of tune physically they are).  All in all, it looks like they really need to sit down and get their marriage back on track. I definitely see it ending badly for her if this continues.

Hopefully, things end well for her if she tells her husband what’s going on. I am not too confident, though.

Check the full story out here and leave your comment on what she should do!