How Would YOU Spend Your Time?

If you knew the end was coming, how would you make the most of the time you have left?

This question was posed on the first episode of the final season of one of my favorite shows, Insecure.  The new episode premiered on October 24, 2021 and just as I expected, it did not disappoint.

There was a story in the episode that brought this to light. Kelli was mistakenly placed in the “in Memoriam” place in their college brochure for their ten year reunion.  Kelli, in her true fashion, attempted to laugh off the idea that she was “killed off” by the college. She even managed to overlook Issa providing a comment (wait, what?! LOL). As the episode went on though, she was very affected by the idea that no one knew she was actually still very much alive.

So, at the end of the episode, Kelli posed a question on her podcast:

If you knew the end was coming, How would you make the most of the time you have left?

This paralleled for me in a way that many of us probably do not realize. We have been riddled with a pandemic that has changed lives. If we’re being honest, there are people who have had COVID-19 who still have not fully recovered. There is now a prognosis of “long COVID”, which means you basically have COVID over a longer period of time than the average.

Basically, life if becoming hella short for some; and more people are being very much cautious because our lives are truly precious. The question is something that hits so deep that you don’t really realize it until you reflect. Even I have asked myself; what on earth would I do if I knew how much time I had left? How would you make an impact on your legacy?

It’s amazing how just one simple question, can make someone reflect and re-evaluate how life is living. I know for me, I want to leave the most positive and authentic mark on this world. It might be time to start putting my mark on this world. No one wants to be caught living in regrets.

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