Why Aren’t We All Still Working Remotely?

The pandemic brought a lot of truth to the world about America. Mainly the fact that some things can be done, and with little effort.

One thing I think all working professionals could appreciate; despite the constant face time on Zoom, was the ability to work remotely from their offices.

I can personally say that I thoroughly enjoyed my work from home schedule last year. It was not everyday; however, it was every other day. Those days allowed me the ability to have equal balances of people and solitude while I worked.

I am an introvert, so I desperately need to recharge my social battery after a certain level of exposure to the human kind, lol. Being at work every day from 8-5 I’ve noticed is a big contributor to why I can become very drained after a long day. If you are not in my close circle; chances are you are not going to hear from me after 5pm. It’s a part of my process and how I mentally decompress.

One of my favorite benefits of working remotely is the ability to have undivided attention for certain tasks. For myself, I schedule some of my more time-consuming tasks for my remote work day. That way, I can have some uninterrupted focus. I also love the idea that I don’t have to get fully dressed, and I can work in true comfort. Nothing says a relaxed working day like being able to work in sweat pants and a hoodie :).

I don’t know about anyone else, but I hope they bring the ability to work more remotely with most companies. I think it is highly beneficial for working professionals all over.

Let me know in the comments: Are you still working remotely? Has your job/company gone fully remote? What are some of the benefits you see in having a flexible/remote schedule?