Self-CareSunday Highlight: Show Up for Yourself

How often in a day do you find yourself showing up for other people? When someone calls you with a problem, need your advice, needs to vent or talk and you lend an ear for them? But do you do the same for yourself?

Do you give yourself quiet time to just enjoy your own presence? To kick, scream, cry, yell, laugh, joke, smile; or just…

Do you show up for yourself like you show up for other people?

Most times, this answer is no. We definitely do not show up for ourselves like we show up for other people. We go hard for others and put our best efforts towards our loved ones and friends, but when it’s time to show up for ourselves, we give ourselves balf assed efforts….

Why is that?!

Why in the world are we treating ourselves with half the love, half the kindness and half the joy we give others; when we should be giving ourselves 100% and more, so we can have enough to overflow for other people? And once we make this realization, when do we start making that change? The answers to this questions (at least for me) are “I don’t know, but I’m starting today!”

Here are 4 awesome ways you can start showing up for yourself today, that take almost no time to start putting into everyday practice!

Ways to show up for yourself

  • Speaking positive intentions/affirmation to yourself daily!
  • Being present in your own feelings, so you can be your best self for you and even your loved ones.
  • Being ok with making mistakes and not being your version of “perfect”.
  • Taking hold of new routines and being consistent with them if they benefit your mental, physical or emotional well-being.

There are tons more, but with these top 4 ways, you can easily jump start a better way of life for yourself. I suggest you try it today, because I’m definitely getting started on mine!