Breathing; For What it’s Worth.

Sometimes, even breathing is hard.

The simple task of taking an inhale can be the toughest thing you think you can do.

The world feels like it’s sitting on our chests these days; nothing may be going right. Everything feels hopeless. Nothing is going right and despite your best efforts to feel good, you just feel completely deflated.

It happens sometimes. You can’t find a way to inhale.

But we all have to breathe. Without breath, we die. And if we don’t live, how can we ever look at ourselves in the mirror and feel like we did anything worthy of the reflection looking back at us?

So we take a moment, and with all the energy we can muster, we inhale; deeply, passionately, intently.

And then….exhale.

We breathe, because we know that no matter how hard it may be; it’ll be so worth it in the end.