But You’ve Survived

I saw a post today with a quote, and I decided to share it with you all today.

You may be going through something personal; but you survived.

You may have lost what you feel like is your entire world; but you survived.

You may be fighting a losing battles (it seems); but you’re surviving.

You never think about things like this until they are brought to your attention; but it’s true. All of the “worst days of your life”, are behind you. That means, you managed to find a way through them. You survived your worse. That should give you some confidence and belief that you can make it through a lot more than you think.

Right now, the world has not and possibly will never be the same. But we’re all surviving the worst days of our lives. Some of our lives have drastically changed; but we are surviving. People have lost their lives and families are suffering unexpected and traumatic losses; but they’ve survived.

Each day we spend moving forward; no matter how slow and steady, is a day in the right direction. It’s a day you can put in the “win” column. No one said the road towards healing would be easy; but the important thing is that you show up and keep showing up. You learn to survive each day until it is no longer a difficult task, but eventually your better self is a new way of life.


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