A Crucial Time to Take Care of Ourselves

The next 48-72 hours are crucial to our mental and emotional health.

A lot is going on right now with many of us. Emotions are running high; anxiety is on 1,000, people’s nerves are shot. We are hearing about stores limiting the sell of guns and ammo and businesses boarding up in anticipation of any type of unrest in their communities.

As if 2020 could get any crazier; we are on the eve of an Election Day; a crucial one at that.

As I write this post, I ask each and every one that this reaches to take care of yourselves. Whether you vote or not (this is not a message to push political agenda or the urge to vote because that is not my business), media and social media will be in a frenzy for the next couple days. Do what you need to do to keep yourself sane.

If that means disconnecting, then disconnect. Take time away from your screens. Try to find happy things to read or think about. Talk to family. Try to not obsess over the election results as they pour in tomorrow.

Do your best to take care of yourself. And above all else; be safe.

No matter the outcome, no one is sure of people’s reaction and their choice to cause any upheaval in your city. Please be safe and careful in your home town. Stay at home if you need to. Don’t engage if you don’t find it necessary or beneficial to your mental health.

Take care of you!

I hope we all can stay as healthy as possible and make it through 11/3 and the rest of the week.