But You’ve Survived

Advertisements I saw a post today with a quote, and I decided to share it with you all today. You may be going through something personal; but you survived. You may have lost what you feel like is your entire world; but you survived. You may be fighting a losing battles (it seems); but you’reContinue reading “But You’ve Survived”

Smile More, Stress Less

Advertisements Why do we stress more than we smile? Smiling is such a beautiful thing; it brightens a day, brings on a sort of refreshing and therapeutic atmosphere and it just feels good. So, why is it so hard sometimes to smile more than we frown? Is it because of life? Is it because theContinue reading “Smile More, Stress Less”

Self-Care Sunday: Let’s Take a Walk

Advertisements It’s been a long time, but I am bringing back my Self-Care Sunday blog posts!! I had so much fun with them before, that I decided that after about a year, I would bring them back! With that being said, let’s get into this week’s item of self-care; taking a walk! Now, this postContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Let’s Take a Walk”

It’s Not about a Number, It’s about your Happiness

Advertisements Two years ago, I was in a bad place. I didn’t like the way I looked, I was miserable and I felt like whenever I tried to eat better or stay in the gym I’d give up and get frustrated. I had always enjoyed going to the gym, but it had just felt uselessContinue reading “It’s Not about a Number, It’s about your Happiness”


Advertisements With every headline, I get more and more stressed. I wonder if my daughter will be safe in school. I wonder if my husband will be safe anywhere. I wonder if I will be safe anywhere. Everything going on around us, just breeds more and more disdain and leads to a level of skepticismContinue reading “Stressed.”

Combatting Job Stress and Burnout

Advertisements For the past month or so, I’ve really been battling with something that we all may deal with at one point or another in our professional lives; job stress and burnout.  Lately, I’ve been working my fingers to the bone at the job and it’s really been taking a toll on me.  With the nature ofContinue reading “Combatting Job Stress and Burnout”

A Disruption in the Force…

Advertisements   There’s been a disruption in the force, and it’s messing with all that is right and normal in my world.

The Art of Letting Go of Hate

Advertisements Repost: I posted this one year ago today, and I can say I still manage to maintain the perspective of not living with so much dislike and hate in my life. Hate is such a powerful word, and I’ve decided to distance myself from the negative before I get to such a harsh emotionContinue reading “The Art of Letting Go of Hate”


Advertisements I took the other day off from work to try and just get my life all the way together.  I’ve had a long 2 weeks so far (October is moving at lightning speed for me) and I just needed a break to do absolutely nothing. While I was tackling the task of “doing nothing”Continue reading “#DoloConversations “

Day 9: Continue the Convo!

Advertisements Blogging 101 is really challenging me and helping me expand in my blogging experiences.  Today’s challenge is to publish a post about one of the posts I commented on for Day 8.  The sad part is I have to pick 1, and I liked all 4!  Well, if I had to pick one, IContinue reading “Day 9: Continue the Convo!”