Quarantine and Fitness: My New Yoga Journey


One of the hardest things I’ve had to do during this quarantine is try to keep up a routine that involves continuing to workout consistently during the quarantine. Between gyms being open, partially opened or still closed, finding ways to stay active while not trying to lose my mind has been tough, lol.

So, in an attempt to get myself back into a routine, I am going to start with doing some yoga. It’s something I keep starting and stopping…and starting….and stopping. I figure there’s no time like the present than to try and start a routine and stick to it (since there’s not much else going on that I have complete access too! Lol)

Yoga has always been something that has intrigued me, but there is also always something that knocks me out of routine once I get going into one. I want at least one thing positive to come out of 2020, and that is to have a healthier, more balanced lifestyle; and part of that includes increasing my fitness and physical health.

I’ve committed to giving this yoga thing 21 days. If I can consistently do yoga for 21 days at least one time a day, I think I can make it a part of my life that I will grow to love and become a habit. I’ve been in such a bad rut with my fitness, I’m hoping this will be something new that can help me get back into the swing of things again. Hopefully, once I get the yoga part on track, I can get everything else to fall back into place, and my fitness routine will be back up and running before I know it!

Are there any new fitness routines or journeys that you have started during the quarantine? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Quarantine and Fitness: My New Yoga Journey

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    simply katricia says:

    Love this. I too have been wanting to create a routine where yoga is included. My body is so out of shape. I’ll join you with creating 21 day journey.

  2. Stuart Danker – Malaysia – Malaysian-based writer who's been writing for a living for eight years. Recently got into fiction and is set to publish his first novel in 2021. www.stuartdanker.com
    Stuart Danker says:

    When everything closed down during the lockdowns (thank goodness they’re open again here in Malaysia), I had to resort to bodyweight and no-gym workouts, and that turned out pretty well, because I learned that I could actually commit to 30-minute routines at home, something that I never enjoyed nor cared to do before this.

    Thanks for this post!

  3. I started daily yoga about two months ago and its really helped me get back on track 🙂 although my yoga skills have not improved much.

  4. Learning from articles and youtube videos, I’m trying new yogasanas. Tree pose( Vrikshasana) & Cobra pose(bhujanagasana) are the two that I prefer to do daily as they are my favourites. After doing yoga it feels really good and relaxed.

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