WTIO Bucket List

Advertisements It’s happening. I’m going crazy in quarantine. Although things are starting to open up in phases, I can’t help but realize that a full opening of the world and the ability to do the things you once loved to do without worry may be far-fetched right now. Now that I’ve had all this spareContinue reading “WTIO Bucket List”

Essential Workin’

Advertisements Day ……. whatever the hell in quarantine. First, let me sing praises to ANY AND ALL essential workers during this time. I know many people in this pandemic that have to work tirelessly to ensure health and safety of others. I do not attempt to compare or bring down any job; however, I alsoContinue reading “Essential Workin’”

COVID- 19: The Struggle is Real and I Don’t Know How to Feel

Advertisements *Sigh….* I need to vent for a minute. Despite my joy and excitement for being a recluse in our current climate, I have to say, that this pandemic is effecting me a little more than I thought it would. I’m filled with more frustration than anything. Lack of answers, lack of understanding of someContinue reading “COVID- 19: The Struggle is Real and I Don’t Know How to Feel”