Smile More, Stress Less

Why do we stress more than we smile?

Smiling is such a beautiful thing; it brightens a day, brings on a sort of refreshing and therapeutic atmosphere and it just feels good. So, why is it so hard sometimes to smile more than we frown?

Is it because of life? Is it because the stress of adulting seems to overpower everything that feels “good”? Is it because people just would rather be stressed out and upset all the time? Maybe it’s one of these or maybe it’s all three; all I know is, I realized that my face is scrunched up more and my brow is furrowed more than I actually soften my jaw and let out a healthy laughter.

That’s something that’s got to change.

So I ask you, are you willing to smile more than you stress?

Taking the day on one smile at a time. 🖤