WTIO Bucket List

It’s happening. I’m going crazy in quarantine. Although things are starting to open up in phases, I can’t help but realize that a full opening of the world and the ability to do the things you once loved to do without worry may be far-fetched right now.

Now that I’ve had all this spare time, I’ve been thinking of some things I want to do when this is all over (whenever that may be). Some things are minimal, and some things are major; however, they’re but key lost items all the same because they will be something I thoroughly enjoy doing and I haven’t gotten to do them in a long time, LOL.

So, here is my list of things I am going to dive into once this is all over:

  • Go to the gym: I will probably hit the gym twice a day for a while just to make up for the lost time 😩
  • Get my nails/toes done: because it’s getting warmer and I deserve to have nice looking hands and feet after all this.
  • Threaded eyebrows: because I look like a bear.
  • Get a massage: because I really, really need one
  • Solo stay-cation: I’ve had my eye on a weekend hotel stay once this is over. Just me, my laptop, my manuscript and peace.
  • Plan a trip to see my best friend: because I miss her dearly.
  • Re-book my Jamaica trip for next year
  • Go shop for new clothes: in an actual store; not online. Lol
  • Get dressed and go out to brunch: bottomless mimosa me PLEASE!

Well, there it is. That’s a more condensed list of things I want to do, but it will probably grow as the days progress. Hopefully I will continue to maintain my sanity so I can enjoy the outside when this all is officially over.

Stay safe and keep your peace as much as you can. 🖤


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