WTIO Bucket List

Advertisements It’s happening. I’m going crazy in quarantine. Although things are starting to open up in phases, I can’t help but realize that a full opening of the world and the ability to do the things you once loved to do without worry may be far-fetched right now. Now that I’ve had all this spareContinue reading “WTIO Bucket List”

Loving Yourself

Advertisements Q: Do I like what I look like? Why? Why not? It took a long time for me to finally be able to answer this question with a “yes.” For the longest time, I would say yes, but be lying to myself. I was always the “awkward” girl. I never saw myself as someoneContinue reading “Loving Yourself”


Advertisements Keep your soul beautiful today, loves!


Advertisements If I ever need to get away, this might be where you would find me. The one place I feel comfortably isolated, where I can escape the world for a little bit.  I force myself to leave the rest of the world behind and focus on myself.  This is the one place where IContinue reading “Solitude”

A Little Loc Appreciation

Advertisements It amazes me when people see my hair and say they love it. I’m like:  “really? Today of all days when I need to moisturize, wash and retwist?”   Edges look all kinds of disrespectful but people love it.  I guess I’m taking care of it pretty well!  Shoutout to all the beautifully loc’dContinue reading “A Little Loc Appreciation”