When Adulting Got Real

So, I saw this question posed on Twitter and decided it would be a good question for me to answer in the form of a blog post. So many times, we hear young millennials say “I can’t wait ’til I’m grown”; and quite frankly, I can remember a time when not so long ago, I was saying it myself. Now here I am, grown, and wishing I was a teenager again without all these adult responsibilities! I mean, what was I thinking?!

So the question posed on Twitter was this:

“what or when was the specific moment in life when you felt like an adult?”

My answer would have to be the first time I paid an electric bill in the winter time. It sounds very silly to say, but that moment was a teachable moment for me, because I learned a few things:

  • How to strategize keeping my temperature in my house reasonable to save money (energy saving techniques and whatnot)
  • How electric companies gouge prices in the winter time (because that’s really all they’re doing in the end smh)
  • Why my mother was so adamant about me NOT touching the thermostat after she set it (LOL)

Now, I had been handling bills on my own (or with roommates rather) for a while at that time, but never really realized just how serious a winter-time electric bill could be until this moment. I knew adulthood had gotten real and after I had a stern conversation with the electric company, I knew right then how to play the game so I wouldn’t get played again.

It may have been a normal, or minimal moment for some who have been through this before, but for me, this was my moment of truth to say “yo, I’m an adult; and this is about to get real!” Lol. It was quite a learning experience for me and it was amazing now that I look back on that one memory and am amazed at the few valuable lessons it taught me about some of the most simple things in life. 🙂

What about you; what moment in your life solidified adulthood for you?