Focus on Living Your Best Life

Most of our lives are spent trying to determine who we are. We strive to live our best lives, no matter what obstacles are put in our way. What we end up running into is the constant battle between what is authentically the life we have been placed on earth to live, or the life we get caught up living; meaning, we tend to live a life where we are chasing after the perception of our peers, instead of accepting what our life is and how our experiences make us unique as a person.

You should ask yourself this question, “Are you living the life you want or the life you perceived was the “right” life?” We all do it; we look at someone else’s life and wonder why we aren’t living the same way someone else is, when we know that it doesn’t work that way. Everyone’s lives weren’t meant to mimic one another, or else there would be no societal diversity.


I stand by the quote in the image in the beginning of this post: “you can’t live your life battling the perception of others.” Just because you are at one stage in life, does not make you any better or any worse than anyone else.

Do you compare your life to others and wonder why you’re not in a specific part of life as opposed to someone else?

WHY? Why do we believe that our lives are superior or oftentimes inferior to others, when we don’t truly know the complete story behind someone else’s “good” life. Also, how do you know that someone is not looking at what you see in your life as an inferiority, and thinking to themselves, “I wish I had that in my life.”

I’m guilty of this myself. I look at other people’s lives and wonder what I did wrong to not have what they have, without realizing the blessings that we’re specifically tailored to my life! I’m wasting time not loving and living my best life because I’m moping around about I believe I lack; and that has to stop.

After reflecting on this topic for a few days, I thought of a few things that you can remember as you are beginning a path towards living your best life, and not comparing your stage of life to someone elses:

  1. Stop putting a limit on your goals. A lot of times, we put a deadline on our goals, such as “I want to have ____ by the time I do _____.”  I have always been in the habit of putting myself on a specific deadline; however, I notice that the deadline only puts more pressure on me.  There is no need to put more unnecessary pressure on yourself.  The most effective way I have started to see success in my plans is when I write them down, but I do not pressure myself with a deadline.  I just work diligently and continue to maintain accountability to reaching those goals.
  2. Accepting the path that you were given in life.  Everyone’s life has a different path and your path doesn’t dictate what is wrong or right in your life.  It also does not dictate what should or should not be done in your life.  No two paths are the same in this world and it is up to you to make the most of the path you choose to take.
  3. Perfection is subject to perception. Everyone has the right to perceive their life as “perfect”.  I stand by believing that my life is my own version of perfection, and I am proud of that.  If you have a specific way you define what perfection is for you, and your life fits that, then why would you spend time trying to make your life fit someone else’s version of a perfect life?

Ask yourself this question:

Are you striving to live your life the way it’s been laid out for you? Or are you busy being upset because you’re comparing your life to someone else’s?

If you’re struggling with this, take a step back and take some time to evaluate what is meant for you to live your life the best way you know how.  Keep in mind that no two people are alike, and the world was not made for us to be robotic and live identical lifestyles.  Life is ever-changing and evolving, and what is successful for you may not be successful for someone else; however, that does not mean that neither one of you are not living life to the fullest.



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