Tyler Perry’s “Work Ethic”

Advertisements I typically do not write about very many socially current events, just because of the nature of social media and sometimes people cannot have a healthy discussion about something without slander, name-calling and mud-slinging and I truly do not have the time of patience for all that, lol. But, for this particular situation, IContinue reading “Tyler Perry’s “Work Ethic””

Focus on Living Your Best Life

Advertisements Most of our lives are spent trying to determine who we are. We strive to live our best lives, no matter what obstacles are put in our way. What we end up running into is the constant battle between what is authentically the life we have been placed on earth to live, or theContinue reading “Focus on Living Your Best Life”

Be Mindful of the Energy you Put Into How Others Think of You

Advertisements Do I care about what others are thinking about me? The short answer is this: NO. When I was younger, I was very self-conscious and was very concerned with how others perceived me and what people thought of me.  I have always tried to be a good person and a good friend to everyoneContinue reading “Be Mindful of the Energy you Put Into How Others Think of You”

Friends (of the opposite sex): How Many of us Have Them?

Advertisements I saw an interesting Twitter conversation the other day, regarding married or involved couples, who have friends of the opposite sex.  It was something I definitely wanted to shed some light on and thought it would be an interesting for me to write about.  The question that arose was, is having friends of theContinue reading “Friends (of the opposite sex): How Many of us Have Them?”

Know your Lane

Advertisements A lot of people tend to speak on subjects in which they know nothing about. We want to peg ourselves as experts, yet haven’t done the edtensive research behind those aspects; or better yet, they just have not lived in them.  I like to believe that there is always a life twin; a personContinue reading “Know your Lane”

Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?

Advertisements Day 2’s activity of the Blogging101 course is creating a title and tagline.  Since I have had my blog for a couple months now, I just wanted to talk about why I chose my title and tagline and where it comes from. First, I will not give myself much credit, as the title andContinue reading “Day Two: What’s up with my Tagline and Title?”

Who’s Number 1?

Advertisements I recently read this article, that discussed one’s reason behind putting her husband before her children. People do tend to look at you funny when you say you put your spouse before your kids, and there are actually some parts of the post that I agree with, so I want to ask all myContinue reading “Who’s Number 1?”