Live, Laugh, Love; Repeat

Advertisements Oftentimes, adults get so caught up with our responsibilities, that we forget one of the simplest things to do; laugh.  If you ask me, laughter is one of the simplest and rarest forms of enjoying life. I’ve been known to bring laughter into any situation.  It’s just in my nautre.  I am someone whoContinue reading “Live, Laugh, Love; Repeat”

Focus on Living Your Best Life

Advertisements Most of our lives are spent trying to determine who we are. We strive to live our best lives, no matter what obstacles are put in our way. What we end up running into is the constant battle between what is authentically the life we have been placed on earth to live, or theContinue reading “Focus on Living Your Best Life”

Living in Unapologetic Intention

Advertisements When was the last time you did something unapologetically for yourself? I’m not talking about doing something for yourself by happenstance, or because it was an occasion; but just on a random Tuesday, you did something simply for yourself because you’re entitled to do just that?  Or maybe, you just wanted to sit aroundContinue reading “Living in Unapologetic Intention”

Live Every Moment as if it Were Your Last

Advertisements If I only had 6 months to live, how would I spend my time? I'm not going to lie, I actually skipped this question because it was not really something I wanted to write about; but I told myself that I wouldn't skip any questions no matter how difficult they may be or mayContinue reading “Live Every Moment as if it Were Your Last”

5 Ways to Help You Identify You’re On The Right Path in Life

Advertisements How do you know the path is right? How do you know that you’re know blindly leading yourself into defeat or destruction? The truth is, you never really know! Most of the time life is all in us havi… Source: 5 Ways to Help You Identify You’re On The Right Path in Life

A Year Later: Have I lived, or still existed?

Advertisements About a year ago, I wrote this post titled, Living vs. Existing, (click the link here to check it out), that discussed the difference that it meant to me, and my personal analysis on how I felt my life was going. This question still remains to be one that I ask myself often, and IContinue reading “A Year Later: Have I lived, or still existed?”

Living vs. Existing

Advertisements I heard this question in a movie once: “Are you living, or are you existing?” To this day, I find it to be one of the most thought provoking questions I’ve heard. It’s good to take moments to evaluate how your life is going. You need to ask yourself constantly if you are trulyContinue reading “Living vs. Existing”