…I Will Continue to Bloom

A journal prompt led me to write this post today, because my feelings were somewhat in line with it as well.

There are many days when I feel like all hope is lost in my quest to maintain my optimism. I generally try to maintain a level of positivity about my day; especially with the type of work that I do. It’s very easy to have a traumatizing or emotionally draining day. Despite that, I still try hard to go into the day with an overall positive mindset and the goal to have a good day no matter what.

Lately, I’ve been tested beyond belief and there are more days than others that I feel I’ve been barely passing that test. It seems that no matter how hard I try to give it my all, I wither more and more. On days where there appears to be nothing much left of my spirit, they seem to find a way to keep beating me down. Surprisingly, I’ve found a way to keep pushing, and keeping blooming despite how withered I might be.

No matter what goes on in a day, I try to maintain being the face of optimism. Without it, there is not much left. I try hard everyday for the trials of life not to take that away from me; and I’m a testament to the fact that it is in no way easy.

There’s never an easy way to look negativity in the face and say that you will overcome it, but many of us do every single day. For that, I applaud you. I applaud us; all of us who choose optimism everyday. For all of us who choose to continue to bloom in an environment that sometimes is designed to make us wither and fade away; we are stronger than those who are working against us.