Are you Courageous Enough to Live Freely?

Oftentimes, we have these amazing goals and visions for ourselves. We have vision boards, detail-oriented plans and explanations on how to make these goals a reality and we have the ability and the opportunity to make these things happen. The question is; do you have the courage to step out and live freely in those goals?

I know I live in two different mindsets; I have a creative mindset who has very specific entrepreneurial goals for myself. I also have a realist mindset who knows the reality of those goals and what o have to do right now, in an effort to maintain my current lifestyle and situation today until I can get to a point where I can devote full-time to those entrepreneurial goals. Many people may be in this place, and I wrote about it before; being stuck in your 9-5 while being a creative person. The steps we often forget, are the steps you can take in the interim of getting to those overall goals you have for yourself. Would I love to quit my job today and devote my time to writing, editing and blogging and developing my publishing company? YES! Do I have the ability to do that right now? Not exactly. But, can I do things in between that time to put myself further ahead than I am today? DEFINITELY!

I ask myself this constantly, do I have enough courage to step out and live freely in the goals I have for myself? Am I doing everything I can to get to that next step, have I crossed everything off my to-do list for this phase of my life, so I’ll be ready when the next phase comes? Sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes it’s no.

What you have to remember is to be courageous enough to either live freely and fully in your goals, or live freely and fully in doing what it takes to get to your goals. Sometimes that means working a job that’s not what you envisioned for yourself, but sometimes all roads are temporary and all roads lead to reach you something.

Remember to be courageous and confident in your goals; be intentional and live freely in every phase in life, because everything you do is a stepping stone to the next phase of your life; and it can either help you, or hinder you.

Do what helps you smash your goals!