Self-Care Sunday: Getting Organized

For the last couple of weeks, I have been feeling a little off, and part of that is because my life has been a bit chaotic and a complete mess!  I feel like most days I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I don’t know what to do!  With me becoming more organized in my old age (lol), slipping back into my chaotic modes at times tends to give me a bit of anxiety, so a bit of self-care for me was taking some much needed time to get myself back organized.

I took a couple hours today ((7/14) and pulled out my calendar, wrote out what things I had planned for the next couple weeks, straightened up my house, I washed my hair the night before, cleaned my room; just a few simple things that made me feel like my life was back in a bit of balance, and it made me feel 100 times better than i had been feeling.  I think sometimes when your life is in order, you feel a lot better, but when your life is chatotic, you’r e more prone to go insane at the slightest things; even when they arenthat serious of an issue.

This week, if your life is feeling a little disorganized, or you find that the things around you are beginning to get a bit cluttered, take a moment to reschedule your life.  Try scheduling some time to de-clutter those life events, do a little cleaning session and get your house back in order and put your life back in check so that everything is back running smoothly and in order.  Try some organizational techniques that help you feel like you’re getting your life back together!