#50Day50Questions: The Proactive Procrastinator.

Do I get things done or do I procrastinate or even give up?

I do a horrible combination of both. I can be very proactive and procrastinating sometimes.  I can look at a task and already begin to devise a plan on how I want to wait until the last minute to put it off, LOL.  It’s a sad thing, but I am being vulnerable and spilling my truth here, so bear with me.

I am not proud of it, but I think this is something we all do without even  realizing it.  When we are looking at a task or a goal that needs to be accomplished, we are automatically wrapping our minds around whether or not we are going to put a plan in place on how to immediately get that task done, or how to put it off until a specific date and time to get it done.  We as a people are wired to be proactive, act or procrastinate.  I tend to do a little bit of all three, depending on what mood I’m in.  I will admit that I procrastinate more often than i’m proud to admit.  It’s one thing that I told myself I would have to get better at in my life.  Procrastination is nothing more than self-sabotage at the end of the day, and no one deserves to do that to themselves.

I can say with confidence that I won’t do is ever give up.  I never give up on something that needs to get done in life.  If something needs to be accomplished, I may procrastinate about it, but it will always get done.  I strive to never give up on things because quitting is something that is not in my  nature to do.  So I may be slow to start, and I may drag my feet a bit, but I definitely always accomplish the things set out in front of me.


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