An Affirmation. A Word.

This was a powerful thing for me to post, because even when I try to make myself out to be a strong individual, sometimes, my weakness is my insecurity and self-doubt.

This year, I downloaded an app that sends me an affirmation everyday.  I try to look at it everyday, and save ones that mean the most to me, so that I can look back on them whenever I may need a positive boost.

This one spoke to me on one of my lowest of days.

“I am a worthy human being”

It was such a simple thing, but it meant so much.  On the day that this affirmation popped up,  I was going through a lot.  I was pretty down on myself and really criticizing myself about a lot.  My confidence was very low and I wasn’t thinking very highly of myself.  This affirmation reminded me that I was worth something.  It reminded me that every moment that I had was an opportunity to make the most of my life, and that I should be blessed no matter what.

I hope that this same affirmation helps someone else today or any other day that they may be feeling down; if no one else lets you know, please know that you ARE a worthy human being!