“Today I Affirm”: 7 Daily Affirmations

Advertisements I completed a challenge recently over the past seven days that I found on alex_elle's Instagram page.  The challenge was to create one affirmation per day using three words given on each day.  The challenge began on 7/17 and ended on 7/24. I successfully completed the challenge and after creating my final affirmation IContinue reading ““Today I Affirm”: 7 Daily Affirmations”

#50Days50Questions: Dreams and Goals 

Advertisements What are my goals and dreams? Run my own publishing company Become a full time writer Be featured in a magazine or on another blog Continue to publish I don’t share my dreams often, because sometimes they feel too outlandish to be accomplished.  Also, right now, I’m in a position where a young thugContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: Dreams and Goals “

#50Days50Questions: Where Do You See Yourself…? 

Advertisements Where/how would I like to see myself in a year? 10 years? In a year, I’d like to believe that I could be progressing towards a better overall level of happiness. But to be honest, I have no idea; and that might be kind of scary for some, but honestly this is one myContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: Where Do You See Yourself…? “

#50Days50Questions: The Hard Times That Make you Stronger

Advertisements What was the hardest time of my life? How has that affected me? Wow… I’ve been trying for two days to answer this question; it’s really made me think.  I would have to say the hardest time of my life was when my grandfather passed away, because it was the first time I hadContinue reading “#50Days50Questions: The Hard Times That Make you Stronger”

An Affirmation. A Word.

Advertisements This was a powerful thing for me to post, because even when I try to make myself out to be a strong individual, sometimes, my weakness is my insecurity and self-doubt. This year, I downloaded an app that sends me an affirmation everyday.  I try to look at it everyday, and save ones thatContinue reading “An Affirmation. A Word.”

Self-Care Sunday: Exercise 

Advertisements This weeks highlight for self-care is one that not all of us may love, but know is very necessary; exercise! Lol!                      Photo cred: Google  Exercise is not only critical to improving your self-care, but it’s also beneficial for your overall health in general whenContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Exercise “


Advertisements Sometimes,  Even the strongest exteriors, Are fragile inside. Sometimes, Even the sturdiest levels of confidence, Can crumble with the burdens of negativity.

Thoughts on Struggle

Advertisements With everything, there is struggle.

A Woman Freed

Advertisements I will not let myself believe that I was less of a woman for you. I’d rather believe that you weren’t man enough to handle my magic. You couldnt comprehend the language my hips spoke or how my tongue cracked your ignorance like a whip. I was too much woman for you, so youContinue reading “A Woman Freed”