The Power in a Silent Presence

Sometimes, silence is truly golden. It is a lost art form in some; however, what many don’t realize is sometimes silence is all someone needs to obtain peace.

There are times when words cannot be expressed. Sometimes it’s just not the right time, or the right words do no form.

Sometimes, you just need presence. No judgement, no advice, not even deep-level understanding. Sometimes you just need silent presence.

Silent presence to someone who needs it most still shows that you care. It shows that even if you’re not sure of the right words, you’re willing to be there in case you’re needed.

And being needed could mean lending your shoulder to cry on, your hand to hold, even your ear to listen, your eyes to read something someone couldn’t verbalize. Sometimes, you’re just needed, and it’s just as important as anything else.

Just wanted to send this out to anyone who needs a presence, and to anyone who feels lost in how to help a friend in need; sometimes we just need you to be there. It’s a lot simpler than you think 🙂.



An Affirmation. A Word.

This was a powerful thing for me to post, because even when I try to make myself out to be a strong individual, sometimes, my weakness is my insecurity and self-doubt.

This year, I downloaded an app that sends me an affirmation everyday.  I try to look at it everyday, and save ones that mean the most to me, so that I can look back on them whenever I may need a positive boost.

This one spoke to me on one of my lowest of days.

“I am a worthy human being”

It was such a simple thing, but it meant so much.  On the day that this affirmation popped up,  I was going through a lot.  I was pretty down on myself and really criticizing myself about a lot.  My confidence was very low and I wasn’t thinking very highly of myself.  This affirmation reminded me that I was worth something.  It reminded me that every moment that I had was an opportunity to make the most of my life, and that I should be blessed no matter what.

I hope that this same affirmation helps someone else today or any other day that they may be feeling down; if no one else lets you know, please know that you ARE a worthy human being!


Powerful thoughts! I agree completely!


dsc_0842 …you would always catch them networking with written words 😉

This is a conversation I have with myself regularly. It is something I ponder, question, and do serious analysis when I ask my self certain question concerning writing.
What makes a writer a ‘writer’?
Writing is food. It is nourishment. It isn’t a selected choice, it becomes a need. Yet what we write is only individually filtered if we write from our own scope. Experiences and cognitions become the staple recipe, but without the added ingredients, it can become bland and tasteless.
I repeat, what makes a writer a ‘writer’?
We each have a personal expert area, a specialism which we devour. We drink this knowledge and feed on every last particle. This allows us to recite and share our learning and passion with others.

In becoming articulate in the written word adds an extra dimension to conveying this information…

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