Morning Motivation

Advertisements Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m lit AF and don’t need anyone’s approval to be me. I told myself starting yesterday I would write an affirmation on a piece of paper each day and sit it in front of my laptop to look at all day. I’m hoping with constant positive reaffirmation,Continue reading “Morning Motivation”

“Today I Affirm”: 7 Daily Affirmations

Advertisements I completed a challenge recently over the past seven days that I found on alex_elle's Instagram page.  The challenge was to create one affirmation per day using three words given on each day.  The challenge began on 7/17 and ended on 7/24. I successfully completed the challenge and after creating my final affirmation IContinue reading ““Today I Affirm”: 7 Daily Affirmations”

Always Remember Life Gets Better 

Advertisements I read this affirmation this morning: “My life is getting better everyday” So many times we let the negative things get in the way of the simple fact that waking up in the morning gives us the opportunity to do better than we did the day before.  We let yesterday’s struggles flow into theContinue reading “Always Remember Life Gets Better “

An Affirmation. A Word.

Advertisements This was a powerful thing for me to post, because even when I try to make myself out to be a strong individual, sometimes, my weakness is my insecurity and self-doubt. This year, I downloaded an app that sends me an affirmation everyday.  I try to look at it everyday, and save ones thatContinue reading “An Affirmation. A Word.”