Self-Care Sunday: Binge a Thon!

Welcome to another edition of “Self-Care Sunday”, where I do my best to attempt to provide you wonderful people with ideas on how to bring even the smallest joys to your life as self-care. Today, I want to talk about something I find relaxing and fun: binging good television! Sometimes, when I’ve had a longContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Binge a Thon!”

Self-Care Sunday: Give Your Skin that Glow

This week for self-care I want to highlight something very simple yet very relaxing that I do once a week; sheet masks! I’ve been doing sheet masks for a couple months now and I must say I LOVE them! I do one at least once a week (sometimes twice depending on what I’m doing itContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Give Your Skin that Glow”

Self-Care Sunday: Rest 

In honor of Mother’s Day, I chose a self care technique that all mothers across America should be practicing at some point today: REST! Lol. Rest is probably in the top tier of self care tips, because without the proper rest, it’s like continuing to drive without putting gas in a car.  Most times, we workContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Rest “

Rain, Rain, Stay a While….

Have you ever just wanted to stand out in a rainstorm and let the water wash away all the negative emotion from you body? I’m looking out of my window at work and it is raining.  I wish I could stand in it right now.

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