A Long Week, A Long Life

I was looking up a word in the dictionary and I noticed my word of the day (on 7/9) was jovial.  My immediate response to that was “there was nothing jovial about this past week.”

It’s been a long and emotionally taxing week for all people; whether directly or indirectly affected by the tragedies that have happened. I’ve been sad, angry, depressed, indifferent and downright numb.  I have even begun to scroll past long narratives on Facebook, or news articles posted on Twitter just because although I understand and can identify with what a lot of people are saying, and I am not devaluing or discrediting them, it’s all just so overwhelming.  I don’t want to read about another attack on a police officer, or another victim slain due to an unjust reason, or even a number of protesters being denied access somewhere or arrested.  Right now, I don’t have the stomach for it.  People have exposed a lot of their true feelings and emotions, and from what I have seen, many of us are tired, worn down, emotionally done, etc.

It’s a lot to take in, and with everyone’s patience wearing thin and on high alert, you wonder when and where the next person is going to snap and it will end in another tragedy, as a domino effect of the last one.  Someone in some aspect is a ticking time bomb,  and it feels like we are doing more of waiting for the inevitable.  Some of us have just checked out altogether.

Like everyone else, I am praying and hoping for change; however, I wonder if it will ever come.  I know in years to come, when new history books are being written, they will have quite a few stories to tell.  And for many of us, we will have to explain how and why some of their history is not really any different than our own.