Once I’m Gone

Advertisements Just a little something I wrote, but never let the world see… I tried so hard to be perfect for you, Changed my ways, changed my look, even sacrificed for you, I thought changing me would make you see that this was all real to me, But in time, I found that nothing IContinue reading “Once I’m Gone”

5 Things I’ve Changed to Be Better

Advertisements I recently listened to a podcast that was discussing change, and how each person has changed for the better throughout their life.  It made me sit back and think of 5 things I’ve worked towards or changed in my life to make myself become a better person. Pleasing People: I stopped trying to please everyone.  IContinue reading “5 Things I’ve Changed to Be Better”

Some Truth About Marriage 

Advertisements Sometimes I want to try and find the right words to say to y’all to discuss marriage. This wonderful post has taken the words right out of my mouth: http://blackgirlcreate.com/2016/10/04/we-need-to-be-more-honest-about-the-realness-of-marriage/

A Long Week, A Long Life

Advertisements I was looking up a word in the dictionary and I noticed my word of the day (on 7/9) was jovial.  My immediate response to that was “there was nothing jovial about this past week.”


Advertisements I will be changing my blog site address. It is now  writeliveandlove.wordpress.com


Advertisements Because they are not thugs or criminals.  They are just people who are fed up and mad as hell.

My Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey

Advertisements So, as a new mom, I’m sure we have all been to this point: You are at home, loving on your new bundle of joy.  Then one day, you look in the mirror and you see it: the post baby flab.  That’s when you look at yourself and give yourself a deadline to jumpContinue reading “My Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey”