When is Enough, Enough?

Advertisements *This was written on 6/5/20, shortly after hearing about the death of George Floyd. I found this in my Notes app in my phone and I felt like it shouldn’t live there. These words were written at a time when emotions were high and all over the place. And in some respects, these feelingsContinue reading “When is Enough, Enough?”

What’s Free?

Advertisements I have so much on my spirit right now, but not sure really how to get it out. But I think this picture can sum up about a million thoughts that spiral in my head. What’s sad is I am beginning to lose faith that this will ever change. Will we ever be moreContinue reading “What’s Free?”

Toxicity vs. Vulnerability: Which One Was It?

Advertisements Well, Twitter was an interesting place to be the other day….lol. Social media as a whole has been….difficult to say the least lately. These days, I am more or less trying to stay current, even though most of the news I’m seeing is either numbing, disappointing or basically bringing me to tears. Just theContinue reading “Toxicity vs. Vulnerability: Which One Was It?”

My Experience at #BlackoutNC

Advertisements Let me start by saying this post will probably be one of the most important posts I’ve written. Ive done my best to sit with my emotions and opinions and reflect on what i wanted to say and how i wanted to feel about it. So, here goes In the last month orContinue reading “My Experience at #BlackoutNC”



The Beginning of a Powerful Movement in Black History

Advertisements Black History Month is now among us, and as we use this month to commemorate powerful leaders and trailblazers amongst the African American race, I believe this should also be a time to pay tribute to those who unfortunately lost their lives to unjustified crimes, and the power and strength of a community toContinue reading “The Beginning of a Powerful Movement in Black History”


Advertisements With every headline, I get more and more stressed. I wonder if my daughter will be safe in school. I wonder if my husband will be safe anywhere. I wonder if I will be safe anywhere. Everything going on around us, just breeds more and more disdain and leads to a level of skepticismContinue reading “Stressed.”

As A Black American, I’m Exhausted 

Advertisements **Just my thoughts as a Black woman in this America** You may wonder why I don’t say a word about the things I see happening to my people.  You may question my dedication or enthusiasm to the “movement.” Let me explain to you why I can no longer find the words to say myContinue reading “As A Black American, I’m Exhausted “

Wokeness Chronicles 

Advertisements Sharing a little excerpt of my current reading. Enjoy! #StayWoke